Memorial Gifts

PMH is honored to be the recipient of memorial gifts.
Your thoughtful donation will contribute to our efforts
to preserve the history that your loved ones held so dear.

Donations have been made in honor of:

Julie Stires

Janet Caballero

John O. Baatz

Lynn Prosser

Sid Gally

Alfred E. Gerrie

Richard N. Frank

Zita Schatzberg

Carol Watson

Donald Butler

John Armagost

waterfall in the Fenyes Estate Garden

Tamara Lance

Dr. Gloria R. Lothrop

James R. Plotkin

Charlie Beal

Helen Stork

Lynne Emery, Ph.D.

Mildred Wellborn

Kay K. Nishimoto

Evelynn L. Martin

Hugh T. Smith

Phyllis Nash Barron

Martha Chapman

Nina Melching

Corinne Bergmann

Mildred Kirsch

Besse Licher

Dorothy Simpson

Joan & Travis Harrison

Ralph Fornaciari

Ralph Melching

Barbara Rumsey

rose in Fenyes Estate Garden

This list reflects gifts made since 2004.

Jane Davis Burnham

George Fox

Jim Gamble

Alma Hubbard

Ray Kettle

Lois Reid

Damita Ziegler

Jane Kostlan

Inez Kerr Bell

Mary Borgerding

Victor Ell

Please send gifts to:
Pasadena Museum of History
Attn: Development Office
470 W. Walnut Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
626.577.1660, ext. 11

Donations can also be made through the Donate Now page of our website.