Commemorative Tiles

In July 2016, PMH was thrilled to announce the donation of the Ernest A. Batchelder Tile Collection and Archives by architectural historian and Trustee Emeritus, Robert Winter, PhD. To celebrate this gift, PMH launched a Commemorative Tile Campaign to create a new donor recognition site located on the front steps of the Museum’s History Center. Inspired by the Arts & Crafts tradition, these tiles provide you with the opportunity to acknowledge someone in your life, mark a significant occasion, or display your love of Pasadena and its history. Your sponsorship will also convey your support of the Museum’s mission to preserve and share the rich history of our community. New tiles are installed periodically.

Tiles are available in multiple prices and sizes, ranging from $250 for a 3" x 6" tile to $2,500 for a 9" x 12" tile.

The deadline for the November 2019 installation has passed. Tiles are installed periodically in groups. You will be notified when your tile is installed.

Your Name - Your Memory - Your History


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ceramic artist Cha-Rie Tang


Tiles are produced by ceramic artist Cha-Rie Tang, the PMH Artist in Residence (2016/2017).