Special Events Policy

Use of the Museum's buildings and gardens for special events must be consistent with Pasadena Museum of History’s educational and cultural purposes. Precedence must be given to regularly scheduled programs and events offered by PMH, as well as events planned for the benefit of people or groups essential to PMH's operations (Trustees, members, volunteers, and staff).The facilities may be used for special events by outside users, provided that the user can comply with PMH's terms and conditions set forth in the Facility Use Policy.

The following are types of events allowed at the Museum:

  • Seminars, lectures, meals, tours, and other invitational events arranged by staff
  • Educational conferences
  • Private meetings and meals arranged by outside groups, both corporate and non-profit
  • Group tours arranged by staff, volunteers, Trustees, or members
  • Weddings

The following uses of the Pasadena Museum of History's facilities and grounds are restricted:

  • Political or religious events

Groups or individuals are required to pay a deposit and comply with the terms and conditions in the Facility Use Policy.

Sound & Music

The Fenyes Estate & Gardens is located in the heart of the historic "Millionaire's Row" residential district. Amplification is limited in the garden due to our location in a historic neighborhood.  Horns, bagpipes, drums, and mariachis are not permitted on the PMH property.  All musical entertainment, including live musicians or DJs, must be approved in advance by PMH.


Clients are encouraged to select a caterer from the PMH Preferred Vendor’s list, but are not limited to this list and are welcome to choose a licensed caterer with proof of insurance. A catering kitchen is not available.


The service of alcohol is permitted however, alcohol must be purchased and served by a licensed purchaser/server.

For additional considerations, please view www.pasadenaweddings.org.

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