Susan Stevens

Judith Heitkemper (Cimino)

Golden Age of Sewing

By Jeanette Bovard | January 13, 2016

From house dresses to haute couture, women in the 1950s used their sewing skills to create smart wardrobes that reflected fashion influences from Paris to Hollywood. Renowned designers such as…

1890s women' bodice

Sewing and Construction Skills of the 1890s and 1920s

By Jeanette Bovard | December 2, 2015

How did these fabulous fashions find their way into women’s wardrobes? The evolution of dressmaking and sewing skills over the decades reflected women’s changing roles as did the fashions they…

Pasadena aviatrix Yolando Spirito

What, No Pants?!

By Jeanette Bovard | November 4, 2015

As common as pants are in our wardrobes today, it was scandalous for women to appear in them just over 100 years ago. The trend toward trousers began during the…