Jeannette Bovard

Eva Scott Fenyes (1849-1930). Hollyhocks, Milford, Pennsylvania, July 22, 1884. Watercolor sketch (ESF.009.1286)

Blooming Messages: The Victorian Language of Flowers

By Michelle Turner | May 5, 2020

Eva Scott Fenyes left the museum a stunning collection of artwork that includes a number of charming botanical studies of plants and flowers.

Language of Flowers floral bouquet

Edwardian Christmas Décor: Part II

By Michelle Turner | December 13, 2017

  Floral Displays Like the Victorians before them, Edwardians were lavish in their use of plants and plant materials for décor. In these great houses, nearly every table and mantelpiece…

holiday decor in dining room

Edwardian Christmas Décor: Part I

By Michelle Turner | December 6, 2017

Deck the Halls! ‘Tis the season to be decorating – and gifting friends and family with tokens of our love and appreciation, often in the form of plants and flowers.…

mah jong game tiles

The Games People Play

By Michelle Turner | July 26, 2017

If you have ever matched your skill – or luck – at the gaming table, you’re not alone. For most of us games are pleasant pastimes on a rainy afternoon,…

centenarian panel

Happy Birthday Pasadena’s Centenarian Project

By Michelle Turner | June 7, 2017

One woman fled the Bolshevik Revolution with her family as a child, only to find herself in flight again in 1934 escaping brutal persecution in Harbin, China. Another, a Pasadena…