Civil War

The John F. Godfrey Post, Grand Army of the Republic

By Jeanette Bovard | May 5, 2015

The John F. Godfrey Post was far from the first Grand Army post formed in California. In fact, it was the ninety-third! Pasadena didn’t form a Post until a big…

Thomas Croft: The Man Who Owned Pasadena for a Day

By Jeanette Bovard | April 28, 2015

Thomas Croft was an organized man. That served him well during his time in the Union Navy during the Civil War. He was an officer, and he served as paymaster…

What’s an Enfield, and Why is it in the Exhibit?

By Jeanette Bovard | April 21, 2015

The Enfield .577 caliber rifled musket was the second most common weapon used in the American Civil War, largely because it was used by both sides. It was a British-made…